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Optimizilla – when using images on the Internet, it is important to optimize them so they are of minimal size but maximum quality. Using Optimizilla, you can upload up to 20 files in JPEG and PNG formats. Click thumbnails in the queue to select images. Use the slider to control the compression level and mouse/gestures to compare images. Click ‘Save’ to download the result.

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Twoople – makes it easy for others to chat with you. It allows anyone who clicks your personalized Twoople address to chat with you. They don’t need to download any apps and they won’t be asked to register. The Twoople app stays connected and notifies you when others want to chat. Apps are available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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World Under Water – is a rather disturbing simulation of what cities would look like if flooded and underwater. You can type a city, town, village or even an actual street address, and see it underwater. But not every location is currently covered. The point of the site is to remind us about climate change and your carbon footprint.

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22 Tracks – is a curated soundtrack, weekly updated by 120 expert and influential DJs and bloggers from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris. The best 22 new tunes in 22 different genres can be streamed for free. Read artist bios and save your favorite finds inside your personal My22 playlist or share them via Twitter and Facebook. If available, links to other platforms are given.

My image – Encryption has become an extremely important topic online these days, so any tool which helps you encrypt your communications is very important. is a site which enables you to send encrypted messages with one click. If you sign up, you get an unique link, and your public key will be private at their non-public key server.

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  1. kTea
    May 11, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Optimizilla is the best!

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