Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]

muo   Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]


Sentry Vision Security – Whether if it’s to check for intruders, check how your teenager at home is doing, or anything else, having quick and easy access to a webcam feed in your house is truly helpful. The choice, then, is obvious – get a solution like Sentry Vision Security. Read more: Sentry Vision Security: A Free Webcam Based Home Security System [Windows]

   Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]


MyShelf – is an application which lets you store all your notes, pictures, links, and text snippets of any kind in a visually appealing fashion. The program is available for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Mac OS X and Linux are also supported via Java. Read more: MyShelf: Store Notes For Easy Access Without The Cloud


   Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]


Folder iChanger – After using Windows for many years, day in and day out, you might get a little tired of seeing the same old icons. If you want to change your folder icons, how do you do so? That isn’t easy but Folder iChanger can make all of this a lot easier for you. Read more: Folder iChanger: Change Icons Of Your Folders [Windows]


   Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]


Vanity jQuery Toolset – Ever wonder how to make those cool, cutting edge website effects without having to code much yourself. Enavu, the makers of Freedcamp, has released a set of plugins called Vanity. This toolset lets HTML developers implement useful web effects while using the lightest footprint possible. Read more: Vanity jQuery Toolset: Add Cool And Useful HTML and JS Effects


   Cool Websites and Tools [October 22nd 2012]


Timetastic – If you have multiple employees working under you, you realize that when they request holidays and leaves, managing schedules becomes difficult. You could maintain physical calendars with approved holidays and leaves marked, but employees would be unable to use the calendar to request leaves. Here to help is Timetastic. Read more: Timetastic: Easily Manage Your Staff’s Holidays & Leaves Online


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Boni Oloff

MyShelf looks like have same function and feature like Evernote.

salim benhouhou

timetastic looks awesome . you are the best Aibek

Anandu B Ajith

Timelastic IS Cool

Dino Pearsons

Vanity jQuery Toolset sure looks interesting.

josemon maliakal

ya Myshelf is similar to evernote

Ravi Lamontagne

Vanity really seems interesting gonna have a look at it

daniel dawson

Myshelf looks to be better than evernote

Sam Kar

MyShelf looks good tool for my studies. Hope to put it to use.

Wondering if it is really free, as i see BUY in the below feature:

Don’t spend more money than necessary! No monthly service fees and no premium features fees. No kind of Internet service is involved for storing and syncing your data. Just buy it once and use it eternally!