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Auphonic – develops next generation audio algorithms using a combination of music information retrieval, machine learning, signal processing and big data to create an automatic audio post production web service for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, audio books, lecture recordings, screencasts and more. Users just upload their recorded audio and Auphonic will do the rest.

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Mobento – provides a free to use library of the world’s best educational videos. They scour the public web and work with the world’s best teachers and institutions to bring you a one stop shop for video learning. It’s like a You Tube of education. The library is comprehensive and high quality. They are rigorous in only uploading high quality, fascinating videos from established academic institutions.

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Unbabel – is state-of-the-art artificial intelligence software which translates text from source to target language. Tasks are assigned to editors who correct the texts, perfecting the translation. Unbabel editors work on their laptops or mobile phones, this is the key to faster translations.

My image for Events – when you are promoting your event, it is important to make sure that the details of your event are optimized for mobile. That’s where for Events comes in. Just fill in all of the details of your event, and see the preview updating in real-time. You are then given a QR code that people can scan to see your event. Facebook events can also be imported.

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Chew or Die – Mouths crammed with hot dogs. Tears streaming down pie-smeared faces. Stomachs stretched to the bursting point. These are the less-than-savory images that “competitive eating” conjures. But MSI’s new mobile app will change that. Download Chew or Die and you can start challenging your friends—and yourself—to eat healthier.

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