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React Messenger – Experience the future of instant messaging. React adds your real-time facial expression to every message. Just type, then smile, cringe, frown, laugh—whatever—and hit send. React sends your message with a small selfie. Forget emoticons or sifting through stickers. React is all about conveying your personality with your own facial expressions.

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Lazy Husband – Never be without the right thing to say again with LazyHusband. When she asks the same questions over and over such as “Am I fat?” or “How does this look?”, you can be ready with answers that will make her smile and keep you out of the doghouse. Use our pre-recorded answers like “You don’t look a day over 30” and “Uh huh” or record them with your own voice.

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Knoala – Playing with your child is important. That’s where Knoala comes in. Knoala offers thousands of fun and development-boosting activities for parents to try with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Bond with your child over silly games that foster artistic, cognitive, emotional, motor, sensory, language skills and more. Connect with thousands of parents on Knoala and follow the hottest mommy and daddy bloggers on the web.

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Penflip – is a simple way to write in your browser, without distractions. It offers a dead-simple way to add formatting, so you focus on what you’re writing instead of how it looks. Penflip works beautifully on any device, but if you’d rather use your own writing tools, you can. Share your writing with the world, and discover other projects on Penflip’s thriving community.

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Uni Messenger – is the very first messenger that supports cross social network chats. With only one social network account, you can use Uni to talk to people from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks in one place. Group chat with your people from different social networks any time anywhere. Share high quality photos seamlessly. Share locations with your friends.

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  1. Caroline W
    December 1, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Hi Mark, I like the list! All your suggestions are really good. 'Lazy Husband' sounds hilarious and a definite helping hand to our guys! I'm a big fan of Distraction free text editors, I use them for a variety of different writings; my favourite is 'Write Monkey' (download from CNET, if anyone is interested), but I like the sound of 'Pen Flip' and its community angle - I look forward to check it out with interest. 'Knoala' is something that I love the idea of. It's a great way to incorporate tech, study and fun into teaching and playing with the kids,, so a definite for when my day comes. And both Messenger tools you wrote about sound fun and very helpful respectively. I'll write a mini review here on 'Pen Flip' once I've checked it out and share my thoughts. Thanks very much - a great list!

    • Caroline W
      December 1, 2013 at 12:52 pm

      'Pen Flip' is awesome! It's a collaborative writing platform: open source and a GitHub for writers. To read more: There are already a lot of different projects going on which you can join in with - I'm very excited seeing what others are doing and there's some great ideas! And of course beginning your own projects, anything from NaNoWriMo to blog posts to short stories/ebooks even working on text papers. There are so many uses for so many people. I'm very excited about it and the potential is huge! Thanks again Mark! :) Writers - check it out!

  2. Ashwin D
    December 1, 2013 at 5:10 am

    I Wish Some of these Messenger Apps are available for Windows Phone :(

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