Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]

web apps 2   Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]


HTTP Archive – Most of us are familiar with Google Analytics and how it helps us understand visits to our website. But if you are more interested in technical stuff like load times, JavaScript loading, file requests, performance scores, and more, then you should check out HTTP Archive. This tool lets you play around with different data. Read more: HTTP Archive: Measure Website Performance & Loading Times

   Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]


Free Logo Creator – Not everybody has hundreds of dollars to spend on a professional logo design. But there are tools like Free Logo Creator that allow you to create a logo online without doing any actual designing. Start by entering the name for your brand and clicking the generate button. Read more: Free Logo Creator: Free & Simple Logo Designer Online


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]


Lorem Pixum – While creating a website design, you often fill your image frames with sample images. This helps visualize what the final site version will look like with pictures. To get such sample placeholder images, you should visit a site called Lorem Pixum, a free web tool that lets you get colored and black-and-white placeholder images for your web designs. Read more: Lorem Pixum: Get Free Colored & Black And White Placeholder Images


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]


When To Tweet? – Your audience on Twitter has a lot to read in their streams. To ensure that your tweets do not get ignored, you need to share at times when most of your followers are actually reading. These times can be found out by using a tool called When To Tweet, a simple web service that helps you find out when most of your followers are reading tweets. Read more: When To Tweet?: Find Out The Best Times Of Day To Tweet


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 5th, 2011]


Memrise – Learning a new language is like playing a new game – there is always something new to learn, and you won’t move to the next level until you master the basics. Memrise is a cool app that makes language learning easier and more fun by using memory training and mnemonics. Read more: Memrise: Learn Languages With Fun Mnemonics


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