Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]

web apps 2   Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]


Page Speed Online – We all want websites to load faster and so does Google, since faster websites translate into more visits and more Google Ad views. Therefore to help web developers speed up their sites, Google has launched a nifty suggestions tool called Page Speed Online, a free to use website that provides useful suggestions to improve the speeds of a webpage. Read more: Page Speed Online: Get Suggestions On How Improve Site Load Time

   Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]


Otipo – Call centers, pharmacies, and hospitals often keep a record of employees’ shifts in registers and on paper. This type of storage is inflexible and often to check a little detail you have to flip through a dozen pages. Here to offer a far better solution is an online service called Otipo, a user-friendly shift-scheduling online service that will serve all organization where employees work in shifts. Read more: Otipo: A User-Friendly Employee Shift Scheduling Tool


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]


Spendbrite – To ensure that you will have savings at the end of the month, you need to control your spending. This can be helped by monitoring your savings targets and seeing how well you are doing. SpendBrite lets you do this in a very easy way. You start by entering your budget for different types of expenses. Read more: Spendbrite: Monitor Savings & Expenses In A Very Simple Way


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]


TN3Gallery – Creating a slideshow of images on your site’s homepage is a wonderful way to catch and hold a visitor’s attention. While writing the code of such an image slideshow can be a tedious task, there are services on the web that simplify the process. One such service is TN3Gallery. Read more: TN3Gallery: Create Visually Appealing Slideshows For Your Site


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 1st, 2011]


DocsTeach – Just reading about historical events may not be an interesting enough learning exercise for many students. DocsTeach changes that by letting you access digital copies of thousands of original documents in the National Archive, as well as interactive activities that can help you learn from those documents. Read more: DocsTeach: Learn History With Thousands Historical Documents Online


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Cell Travis

Page Speed Online looks like a nifty service specially when Google s behind it. I typically use or Pingbrigade to test web page load speeds.


hey Cell Travis,

just tried, nice app indeed. thanks!


Page Speed Online – another great tool. For some reason it reminds me of Google Tools (layout) :)

Otipo – interesting idea. However i think that for most companies it would be something like +1 tool (registers and paper will stay). So Otipo has a great battle ahead :) Good Luck.