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Google In Education – Discover, purchase, and share educational apps, books, and videos easily with Google Play for Education – a new online destination just for schools. Browse content by grade, subject, or standard including Common Core. Purchase via PO with no credit card required. Distribute apps instantly via the cloud.

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How Much Money Does Twitter Owe You? – Now that Twitter has a market capitalization of at least $24.9 billion, more than a few of the social network’s 230 million users have noticed their tweets are making other people rich. Many people want their cut. So what would that be exactly? TIME has crunched the numbers.

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Gravity Highlighter – highlights the most interesting stories for the site you are on. As you browse the Internet it’ll learn more about the articles you like to read and recommend more of them. Everyone has their own Interest Graph which is a list of topics and concepts derived from what you’ve been looking at on the Internet.

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Rather – is an app to replace anything you want in your social feeds with things you’d rather see. After installing, start adding lists of things you don’t want to see, like Justin Bieber or baseball. Or add the name of that annoying coworker you can’t unfollow. Any time a keyword is matched, Rather goes to work. See what the other 200,000+ users are blocking in real time.

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Flite‘s Design Studio HTML5 is the world’s best real-time ad design tool. Design interactive, animated HTML5 creatives using a familiar, intuitive interface. Build interactive mockups for both mobile and display advertising. Import Photoshop and Illustrator files. Access a wide range of functionality with drag-and-drop components that include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and much more.

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  1. Johnny
    November 19, 2013 at 10:16 am

    Thanks for sharing! A couple of interesting ones that I will try out for sure. I'd like to add Unioncy to the list. They are a new web app that got a lot attention lately. It's really helpful for tracking warranties and digitally keeping all your products' information. This way you can go paperless and not worry about lost receipts or manuals again.

  2. Alina
    November 19, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I didn't know about rather, and I must say it's fun and clever, thanks for pointing that out, I like to learn about new web tools or sites. A new one I've recently discovered is a web app called unioncy that helps you to manage better your technology, and by that I mean gadgets and electronics, providing you data and stats about their actual value (so you can see how is changing over time) and giving you the change to store online their docs such as receipts, warranties and manuals. Also, you can now set what they call the warranty alert so it'll be easier to keep everything under control. It's been pretty useful for me so far, hope it helps for you too.

  3. Josemon M
    November 19, 2013 at 4:53 am

    flite is one of the best ui tools available ...

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