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Gravity Highlighter – highlights the most interesting stories for the site you are on. Gravity is teaching computers how to read and understand language. Everyone has their own Interest Graph which is a list of topics and concepts derived from what you’ve been looking at on the Internet.

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Scroll.AM – is another way to search, by scrolling through the search results. Just select a category, type in a keyword, and click on a result. As well as a direct link to the product on Amazon, you can also see similar products highlighted, get a short code for easy sharing, as well as tweeting and Pinning the item.

My image – enables you to mute music while watching videos. No searching for apps, clicking buttons, or raising your hand in the air necessary – your music just fades out automatically, and it fades back in after the video is done so you don’t have to sit in silence. It pauses in iTunes, foobar2000, WinAmp, Spotify (desktop), Zune, Windows Media Player, Rdio (web), Pandora,, MOG, and other players after you set up DOS or JavaScript commands.

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Ohm Studio – is the first real-time collaborative digital audio workstation. Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. With Ohm Studio, you can record audio at high quality. Set up your audio interface, check the I/Os, arm your track(s), and prepare your instrument. Once recorded, your tracks are directly available on the cloud for every member of the project.

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Manula – is an app for writing, publishing, and tracking online manuals. Write professional looking online manuals in no time at all. Publish your manuals online – for any device, screen size and orientation. Track manual and topic hits, user ratings and topic comments. Free accounts allow 1 manual, max 20 topics, 1 author and do not include the version management and localization features.

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  1. Justin L
    November 8, 2013 at 5:16 am

    I got get to my pc before, I though it was some sort of virus lol

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