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Checker Plus for Gmail – Get desktop notifications, read, listen, archive or delete emails without opening a Gmail tab & easily manage multiple accounts. It claims to be the fastest and easiest way to manage multiple email accounts. It also supports the new “Inbox by Gmail”.

Kick With Chrome – Google Chrome has given birth to many experiments, showing the full potential of the browser and HTML5. One of these experiments is “Kick With Chrome” which has three options – Infinite Dribble, Space Kirk, and Shootout. It only works on mobile phones though, so use your mobile to visit to play.

Gaze – lets you watch videos with people who are far away. See each other, talk to each other, as if you were there. You can sync and always watch the same thing at the same time. Watch your own video files. If you have it, you can Gaze it. Have fun sending fleeting messages, just start typing. Every LOL, OMG and XD. There’s so much amazing stuff to watch.

Up Hail‘s users get answers to these money saving questions – which cost less to get to the airport, Uber or Lyft? Which rideshare services are available in my city? (currently US-only). What are the nearest cities with on-demand rideshare available? Are there SUVs or vans available in my city? Their algorithms find the most current promos, money saving rates, and more.

Password Checker – is a service by Microsoft to test the strength of your proposed passwords. You first need to sign in with a account, and then enter your desired password into the box provided. The “strength meter” will then show you how strong it is. However, this does not guarantee the security of the account you use the password for.

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