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Sound Paths – Plunge into the real soundscapes recorded in the most exotic places on Earth. Just choose your destination, select a sound, and you are there. Every track has its own story and emotion. The gentle song of a gibbon, the solemn chorus of cicadas, or the power of the ocean surf.

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Looper for YouTube – Have you ever wanted to watch the same video on YouTube without pressing the replay button every time at the end of the video? With Looper for YouTube you will get a loop button under the YouTube player. After you press the button, the video will repeat itself infinitely.

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Happify‘s activities and games are based on a decade’s worth of cutting-edge research by psychologists and neuroscientists from leading academic institutions around the world. The proprietary framework is designed to train your brain and help you build skills for lasting happiness—delivering effective and measurable results.

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Themer – is more than an app. It will transform your Android homescreen to something that is beautiful, functional, and designed to fit the way you use your phone. Just choose one of the many free themes from the in-app browser and press apply. Based on the Android theming website,, Themer does all the hard work for you, setting up wallpaper, widgets, and icons in one click.

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Goalazo – is a football/soccer website portal that brings you daily goals and highlights of matches across major leagues around the world. Watch videos and filter the goals by tags and categories.

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  1. Lorenzo
    October 30, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Please remove popup ads from my mobile viewing screen. I have reduced what was enjoyable time on makeuseof by at least 50% because the ads are non stop. For the love of mankind allow the "x out" to work! This reminds me of what forbes and inc. did. I appreciate your valuable time.


    • Aibek E
      October 31, 2013 at 5:23 am

      Hey Lorenzo,

      We don't accept any popup ads by default. Can you please send us a screenshot?


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