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Event Ticker – helps you keep track of all of your important events and special occasions. With Event Ticker you can create an event with a custom background or choose one of their beautiful backgrounds. You can keep up to date on your event with reminders and keep track of tasks to complete before your big event with a to-do list. Plus much more.

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Height Converter – The world is divided into two groups – those who use the metric system and those who use the imperial system. Calculating between the two groups can be annoying and time consuming, so a site like Height Converter should be one you should bookmark. It will calculate all metric and imperial amounts instantly. No more complicated calculations in your head.

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Piconka – is a minimalist’s web clipping tool. Either drag & drop things on a page, or hover the cursor over the image and say ‘bookmark’. Easily access all your recent bookmarks. Everything is in your Google Drive folder. Piconka has no access to your data. To start, just install the Chrome extension.

AnnoPad – With this tool, you can create notes for specific website addresses. Annotate your important notes with the easy to use, URL specific notepad. Aside from notetaking, you can also use this as a “smart” bookmarking tool. This notepad / bookmark hybrid is a must for any web-savvy individual. With AnnoPad, you can now create/save/export URL specific notes.

Max Tabs – Are you a tab junkie that likes to open countless tabs in your browser? If this sounds like you then Max Tabs is an extension for you. It is a simple extension that sets a maximum number of tabs opened in a window. Prevent tabs from overloading and overflowing the tab bar. By default, it’s set to maximum 10 tabs per window.

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