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Dear FCC – The FCC has asked for public comment on new rules about net neutrality, and it is vital that you tell the FCC your feelings on the subject, before a final decision is made. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided you with a ready-made template where you can enter your details and your feelings on the subject. It will then be sent directly to the FCC.

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Peggo – YouTube is increasingly becoming the must-go-to destination if you want to listen to music videos or rips of albums. But what if you want to get it off YouTube and converted as a MP3 for your iPod? This is not as difficult as you think. Just use Peggo. Enter the URL of the YouTube video, and it will convert that URL into an MP3 in a jiffy.

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GOtags – Instagram is a popular destination for showing your pictures, but with the aid of hashtags, you can do so much more. GOtags is a site which aims to help you utilise some of those features. Comment with the hashtag #shop, #listen, #watch or #read on any photo using GOtags, and have the content delivered free to your email inbox.

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Scoopmap – is an interactive map, designed by the British Guardian newspaper, which shows news events happening all around the world, as they happen in real-time. If you click on a marker, you will get a pop-up describing the news event. On the right are the biggest stories of the day. All news stories are linked to the main article on the Guardian website.

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TaskClone – With Evernote, you can store your to-do lists and have them synced across all platforms. However, it would be very easy to accidentally misplace or forget anything on the list(s). This is where TaskClone comes in. It takes your to-do’s and sends them to another task client or a calendar where you will see them better.

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  1. Guy in Vic
    July 22, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Peggo is extremely fast & accurate.

  2. Pete Dooley
    July 22, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Scoopmaps is pretty cool but really.. posting the Washington state forest fires under Washington DC?.. Derp.

    Try a site I have been working on. you can got to most of the top television news markets in the US, and get news (geographically correct) from each city..

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