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Advertisement – is a web service that promises “extremely easy screensharing”. After signing up, Google Chrome users will be required to make a small tweak to their “flags” setup page to allow screen captures. Then click “share my screen” and a short link will be generated for others to access your screen via their browser. You will also be asked to activate your webcam so you appear in the corner of the screen.

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Connected Classrooms – As school budgets are being cut, the possibility of students being able to go out on field trips is diminishing. So Google is determined to bring field trips to students, online via Hangouts. If you are a teacher, you can sign up your class for an upcoming “virtual trip” and many big organisations, such as zoos, have already signed up to offer “trips”.

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The 30-Second Brain Test – is an online test (so take it with a huge pinch of salt) to see which side of your brain “is the most dominant”. You are given a set of 10 questions, all image-based, and you are asked to quickly answer without thinking too much about it. Afterwards, you are told which side of your brain is the most dominant, and the reasoning behind it.

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Duvamis – is a web platform for free communication and exchange of different opinions, interests and ideas which employs a new philosophical and technological model for regulated user anonymity. It guarantees anonymity by only asking for a username and password, nothing else. No personal information is asked for. In fact, it encourages you to use a fake name and fake avatar.

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Googlyify – sometimes we all need to take a break and do something silly to break up the boredom and mononity of the day. Googlyify is a site that enables you to upload a photo and then put GIF-style big wobbling eyes on someone. It’s not really “useful” but it is definitely fun if you are looking for a few minutes of light-hearted humour.

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  1. Jordan B
    December 17, 2013 at 2:26 am

    Your Googlyfy link is NSFW btw...

    • Mark O
      December 17, 2013 at 10:02 am

      I've just taken a look and almost fell off the seat when I saw it.

      I can assure you that when I compiled this post last week, that picture was NOT there. But as I am sure you can appreciate, these sites update several times a day, so the chances are that this picture will disappear soon from the front page.

      To everyone else - currently there is a sex-related NSFW GIF picture on the front page of Googlyfy. MakeUseOf has no control over this. However, the site remains useful, and the picture will hopefully be gone soon.

      Thank you Jordan for bringing this to our attention.

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