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Flic – takes the pain and time out of deleting photos. It has a Tinder-like interface – just swipe left to trash, right to keep. Flic will even remind you each month to go back and clean up your previous month’s pictures so your camera roll stays clean and you don’t waste valuable phone storage space.

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Shutter – is a camera app that gives you an unlimited camera roll with unlimited sharing and album management, without using any space on your device. With Shutter, take millions of photos and videos without using any space on your device. The photo is deleted from your device as soon as it is uploaded to the cloud.

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DropMocks – is a quick and simple way to upload photos to the cloud. All that is required is to drag the images onto the desktop with your mouse. They will automatically be uploaded and a unique web link is generated so you can share the picture(s) on social networks. You can also give each photo its own title.

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TrackDuck – covers all your feedback needs, from mockups to live websites. Give feedback and highlight issues on any existing website in just seconds. Each issue is displayed directly on the page where you highlighted it. This includes comments, screenshots of the area and technical details. It has easy role management for users of every project in TrackDuck.

My image – turns your email conversations into a real-time chat. There’s no app to download, just email your friends copying It is is web-based and uses email so it works everywhere for everyone. supports videos, tweets, instagram pics and more. Just paste a link and see what happens. Every 30 minutes, will send a single email with anything you missed.

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  1. Rii-Chan
    October 8, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Hi, I love this site so much! It's pure awesome
    but i checked in here in the comment because, I wonder if there is a cool feature/tool
    that can discover new Kpop music and find similar songs?

    Have tried, wonderwheel and alot more of them, but they can't reallt get a grip of the genre Kpop so the results is really bad. But I do find some Kpop at, but it would be awesome if there actually is somewhere out there, a tool that can find new kpop bands/music!


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