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Don’t Fly Drones Here – represents areas where it is not recommended to fly drones due to regulations. Unmanned drones like quadcopters and fixed-wing aircraft are at the center of new airspace regulations by the FAA. To help people find safe places to fly, the map establishes no-fly areas where drones are not permitted.

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Knock – the most frequent kind of calls are the calls with a single intent/question. Knock fixes this with responsive missed calls, which shows a message in the incoming call screen and gives you quick response options. When you send your friend a message, he gets a (simulated) incoming call with the message overlaid on the screen.

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Jink – share your location in just a couple of taps. Location sharing ends automatically when you meet up. Use Jink the next time you meet a friend for dinner, coffee, drinks, etc. Find your friends when you get out of class, commute home (and avoid texting while driving!), pick up your kid from school, and much more.

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Reddit Live – is a new feature of reddit for real-time updates. A thread’s multiple contributors can post updates, which will automatically refresh in the thread. Unlike with self-post or comment based live threads, there’s no limit to how many updates can be posted. These live threads exist outside of subreddits and are designed to be submitted like any other link.

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Kiwix – enables you to have the whole of Wikipedia on hand wherever you go. On a boat, in the middle of nowhere or in jail, Kiwix gives you access to the whole of human knowledge. You don’t need the Internet, as everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD. Kiwix is free software, which means you can freely copy, modify and distribute it.

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