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Drivesafe for Glass – is an app to help you be a safer driver. Drivesafe will notify you with an audible message if you begin to fall asleep. The screen stays off so you can keep your eyes on the road. If DriveSafe detects that you’re falling asleep, you can ask for directions to the nearest rest area.

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MapFight – is an interesting website which compares the sizes of two countries on top of one another, and tells you which one is bigger, and by how much. Just enter the two countries you want to compare (US states are included too) and the website will immediately spit out the required information. Size does matter!

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Who’s On My Wifi – is someone stealing your wi-fi? If your connection starts to slow down, you may want to consider that question. As the owner of a wireless network, you will want to protect it from hackers and freeloaders. Download Who’s On My Wifi and find them today. There is a free edition, and a paid edition for $7.95 a month.

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Younity – is a personal cloud which gives you all your files on all your devices all the time – without syncing. No data is stored on Younity servers, so it can be considered somewhat private. If you need files, just download copies to local storage and delete them when you are done. You can also share any file with anyone via Younity or via Facebook.

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Tripobox – is the fastest and easiest way to plan your group trip. Communicate with your group in a private area and send your queries to the hosts of the offers. You can book together and pay individually. With Tripobox, planning & booking group trips is simple, social & fun. Browse hotel, restaurant & activity offers. Create your trip by adding your favorite offers. Then invite your trip-mates to join the trip.

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  1. Mayank M
    January 27, 2014 at 6:27 am

    map fight is really awesome.

  2. Angela A
    January 26, 2014 at 6:39 am

    DriveSafe looks awesome - except for the bit where using Google Glass while driving will get you arrested. You can't win, really.

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