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reEmbed – With one line of code, you can customize embedded YouTube videos. Every YouTube video that is embedded in your site will automatically be replaced with your new player. Create your own video player using the reEmbed wizard. Choose a style, and add your logo. Easily change the colours and style of your player to match your site’s look and feel.

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Fairshare – Do the house work you think is fair and focus on the things you enjoy. Eat together like a family. Encourage each other for jobs well done. Live together as a household. Fairshare’s House Feed keeps your house in touch, whether it’s organising a dinner, choosing a movie or seeing what’s been done, you’ll know what’s going on with your housemates.

Forekast – is the global events equivalent of Reddit. Events on Forekast are posted and voted on by the community. As votes accumulate, the most interesting events rise to the top, creating a clear timeline of the best upcoming events. Users can then add comments to share even more knowledge. All events belong to categories, called ‘subkasts’, which makes it easy to customize your experience.

Trashswag – is a crowdsourced map for people to share and post reusable materials that they spot left outside. It is a resource for creative hobbyists, artists and people conducting renovation works to find unique, salvageable old wood, windows, doors, metal, glass and furniture. People can contribute to the map by “reporting” things that they see.

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Polaar – is a photo editor with many features. After uploading the photo, you can zoom in and out to inspect a particular area, and you can also go all Instagram on us and change the “style” of the picture. As well as that, you have all the usual features such as changing the brightness and density, colors, and you can also add a very good watermark.

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