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Treycent – is a site that enables you to create your own Siri-like virtual assistant. Load Salesforce reports, SharePoint documents or YouTube videos by voice command. Link spoken questions or phrases to any URL. Works with the Internet, intranet or password-protected sites. Share with friends or team members, collaborate to build your own question answering site.

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Tred – Test drive and compare cars side by side from your doorstep. Test as many cars as you want, and up to two at once. Cars are delivered by Tred Experts who answer your questions without the sales pressure and empower you to make the right purchase decision. If you have a trade-in, they can generate a trade-in price report.

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Fake GPS – works by you writing down your fake route in advance or just draw it on the map. Then disable your tracker and start to transmit data using the site’s software instead. Traffic controller will be absolutely sure that you are moving or standing still (it depends on your aims), while you can actually be in a completely different place.

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00Note – with all the furor behind the NSA snooping, you often need to send messages to people, but you don’t want it ending up on a computer somewhere being read by an unauthorized person. So you should use self-destructing notes like 00Note instead. Just enter your message, set the encryption and self-destruction settings, and send.

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Google Tips – Google is always introducing new services, so it can be become very easy to lose track of what is being offered and what it can do for you. Therefore, Google has introduced “Google Tips” which is a series of interactive flip cards. Just click on one, and on the other side, it will tell you about a Google service.

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  1. Colin
    December 22, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Tried to sign-up for Treycent from Firefox 25 - got an empty bar pop up, then nothing. Not filling me with confidence. :-(

    • Steve
      December 22, 2013 at 1:08 pm

      Try highlighting the bar, I think your password will have to be 8 or more characters including one capital and one special character.

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