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Mako – is a multifunctional speech recognition software capable of opening programs, typing anything you desire, and writing reports on anything, It employs an advanced user interface and voice input. It manages almost everything in your life, especially technology matters. Although MAKO is not human, as an A.I he has access to an unlimited amount of resources, information and programs that he can control and use at his own will.

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Screencastify – is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome. It is able to record all screen activity inside a tab, including audio. Just press record and the content of your tab is recorded. So you can easily create a screencast for video tutorials, record presentations etc.

Wakeup – is a service where you can schedule a wake-up call. This is useful if you don’t have an alarm clock, or if you need a guarantee that you will wake up on time for an important appointment. Just enter your phone number, the date and time you want the call, and even specify if you want a man or a woman’s voice! You can even be told the weather.

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HubiC – Back up all your photos, videos, music, and documents. HubiC accepts all types of files, and there’s no size limit. Your storage space is scalable – you can increase the capacity in just a few clicks. Create folders, delete files, move them, or even publish them online. Your online storage platform is created and managed by you. Sharing files and folders on hubiC is child’s play.

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Slidebean – is an easy way to create beautiful presentations. Focus on your content. Slidebean handles the rest. Take your presentation ideas and structure your keynote. Select one of our beautiful presentation templates tailored to the needs of each audience. Present from any web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Slidebean works seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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  1. Boubaker
    February 14, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    All of this tools is awesome!!

  2. Dhaval Shah
    February 14, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Slidebean is awesome, I tied it and I am an Part Time MBA student so its a big big time saver. although a little limited but still usefull

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