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Dayboard – Replace the new tab page with a to do list that helps you focus on your most important tasks each day. Dayboard is a to do list that focuses on just 5 items each day. Start your day by writing down the most important tasks you want to accomplish. Every time you open a new tab, you’ll be reminded of your to-dos.

Slides – enables anyone with a web browser to easily create, present and share beautiful presentations for free. The Slides editor is available right in your browser. All of your work is stored securely on their servers, accessible wherever you are. Presentations can be viewed in any modern browser, including mobile phones and tablets. Touch devices are presented with a touch-optimized presentation.

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Clickhole – is an online social experience filled with clickable, shareable content from anywhere on the Internet. It is part of The Onion, so it has parody articles and amusing pages. It also slightly resembles Buzzfeed with its over-the-top post titles designed to make you click and get the post to go viral. A perfect site if you have time to waste and nothing to do.

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Captain Icon – consists of more than 350 vector icons that you can freely use under Creative Commons for your mobile and web designs. They can be scaled to any size without losing quality, and are available in EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG, and web font formats. They cover categories such as weather, sports, design, social, office, and more.

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Chevereto – is the most complete and configurable image sharing web software. Using this, you can set up your own image hosting website. Features include HTML5 drag and drop uploader, custom framework, user accounts, private albums and even more. Users can create albums and set the privacy of them any time. Private albums and its content will be only visible to the content owner so no one else can view private content.

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  1. Caroline W
    June 21, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Hi Mark and to the Photographers here!

    I've been paying particular interest to 'Chevereto' since you, Mark, posted about it and it has caught my attention for a way to display my Photographic images (photography is a hobby of mine).

    The reason behind why I think this is a great idea is because 'Blogging' my photo's brings on the worry of over-concentrating on how many likes and followers I get instead of focusing on what I do best with my photo's. Also, it's [the site] more likely to get noticed as a serious contender, with professionalism added, that may make buyers want to pay me for the images I create.

    The 'Hosting' I have looked into also, which comes hand in hand with Chevereto, and it's very reasonable what they are asking - around £2.35 or $4.99 p/m - so it's very affordable plus there is a 60 day money back guarantee and you get a free domain and up to 6 blogs on that package (there are larger, pricier packages available too).

    So, for all of the above, and not being happy with the whole 'Photo-Social-Media' thing going on, I think it's a route I am giving much thought to and will, at some point, try out: With the 'Money Back' offer, if it doesn't work out then nothings lost.

    Thanks Mark for your brilliant 'Web-Finds'. And any Photographers reading this should check this site out.

    Caroline :)

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