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Data Compression Proxy – is an experimental extension for Google Chrome bringing Chrome Data Compression Proxy from mobile to desktop PCs. The extension sends all HTTP (but not HTTPS) traffic through Chrome Data Compression Proxy server, which uses SPDY protocol to speed up web browsing. Enabled state is indicated by a green icon. – is the easiest way to get things on your calendar. Simply add your event title in the subject line and the details in the body of your email. There is nothing to download – it works with any email app. All you have to do is email with your event details. Make sure to include the day and time of your event in the body of your email.

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And Then I Was Like – most GIFs on the Internet serve up the same pop culture references again and again. “And Then I Was Like” is a more participatory medium where you can quickly record and share your own reactions — a moving selfie in seconds. Record 3 seconds of video with your webcam. Edit the video to your liking and save it as an animated GIF.

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webNES is an NES emulator for mobile devices. Currently there are 5 games available – Croom, BoxBoy, Galaxy Patrol, Tetramino, and Fighter F-8000.There is also the Dropbox Chooser where presumably you can select another NES game to play on your device.

MakerParent – is a site of project & activity ideas for parents & teachers from parents & teachers. The site has numerous projects that can be done for children of all ages. There are different levels of difficulty such as “simple” and “mildly challenging”. You can contribute new projects of your own, and subscribe to a weekly newsletter.

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