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Google Cardboard – this may sound like one of Google’s legendary April Fools Day pranks but in fact it seems quite serious. The goal of Cardboard is for everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. Cardboard transforms a phone into a basic VR headset, and the accompanying open software toolkit that makes writing VR software as simple as building a web or mobile app.

Osper – is designed to safely introduce young people, aged 8-18, to making their own decisions with money – online, in shops, at cash machines and abroad. The Osper App – available for both iOS and Android – turns money conversations between young people and parents into trusting, safe and empowering ones. Osper gives young people the independence and control to track their own spending and work towards their savings targets.

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Asteroid Zoo – Scientists are scanning our solar system for asteroids with the Catalina Sky Survey. They need your help to find asteroids for the exploration of their mineral properties. Today, there are 644,632 known asteroids in the Solar System. You might be the one to find the next asteroid. With every image set that gets analyzed you could find an actual asteroid.

My image – is a personal assistant that lets you use email to schedule meetings. You speak to as you would to any other person – and you can have her do all the tedious email ping pong that comes along with arranging a meeting. Just CC Amy on emails and ask her to schedule it for you. As soon as you’ve sent this email, you archive it. Amy is on the case and the next thing you see is an Invite.

Sherly – Unlike other file sharing solutions, doesn’t distribute copies of your data but grants access to it instead. Add recipients and create workgroups. Choose files for sharing. Your data stays where it is. Group members can access data, collaborate and discuss it all in one place.

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