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Peek – Get a peek into the mind of your users. See and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your site or app. It’s fast and it’s free. Getting the opinions of real people on your site idea, your app idea, or your new site design can be invaluable feedback, before launching. Find out what people like and dislike, so you can make appropriate changes.

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Boom Boom Boom! – is an app to brighten up parties all over the world. Throw up graphics, animations, text, photos and effects using your mobile device or keyboard as a controller, or leave it to play in time with the music. The app uses web-technologies including the Web Audio API to analyse audio from the mic, Web-Sockets on a Node.js server to handle device—desktop interaction, and CSS3 and Two.js to control visuals. – it is not always convenient or possible to go out to a post office. Therefore the online purchasing and printing of US stamps at will be extremely popular for those who need a stamp quickly. Just calculate the cost and pay, then print your stamp out on a sticker or envelope. Finally attach the postage to the envelope or package. Simple.

CheckiO – is an interactive and educational game and competition platform for developers. For experienced developers, CheckiO is a fun and challenging competition and a way to share their knowledge. For novice coders CheckiO has created a self tutoring community where code review and feedback are game elements.

Mocomi – is India’s No.1 kids edutainment portal. They use a fresh approach while creating learning material for kids. Their easy to understand visual interactive content is a first of its kind in the Indian subcontinent, and is geared towards accelerating the learning process of a child. The goal of our platform is to tap into a child’s inherent curiosity and enable them to learn by being visually stimulated.

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