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SPONSOREDFirstSiteGuide – Get free instant access to online resources, for launching your blog like a professional. You receive a comprehensive list of every tool, software, and utility you will need to run your blog. Get step-by-step screencast videos with easy to understand and apply techniques, resources to help you succeed in your niche.

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Live Earthquake Mashup – Everyday, an earthquake occurs somewhere in the world, whether above water or below. To keep track of all the earthquakes that have occurred, this map is very informative. Simply go to the relevant earthquake event on the timeline and the map will zoom to that location with details. There will also be a link to the international organization that monitors earthquakes.

Vandrico – is a site where you can discover how you can implement and utilize Google Glass applications in your workplace, in order to increase productivity, maximize safety and decrease costs. Connect your workers with critical information from your existing systems in real-time. Ensure you choose the optimum device for your needs.

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Cell Phone Calculator – with the imminent release of the iPhone 6 for sale, you may be wondering how it stacks up against another device, in terms of price. In this calculator, just enter your upfront cost and your monthly cost, and then do the same for the other device. You will then see which is cheapest.

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ZZ Photo – is an easy-to-use Windows solution to keep your photos in order. If you are mad about stacking pictures and tired of photo piles all over your PC, ZZ Photo is your smart solution for automated photo sorting. It scans a PC, looks for all images identifying duplicate images and deletes them. Then it scans for likewise pictures automatically.

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