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Have I Been Pwned? – is a site where you can find out whether or not one of your online accounts has been compromised, due to a data breach. This is a big problem and it pays to know if someone has access to your account. Just enter the name of the online account into the search engine and it will find out for you. The site claims there are 165.5 million “pwned” accounts.

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Fetch Text – Do you like to share and receive articles by linking to them in emails? Or maybe you’re on the go and hate waiting for the page to load for you to read the content? If this sounds like you, then just CC or forward the email to to receive an email of just the main text from the link.

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Noosfeer – is a way to discover inspirational stories and ideas. It is as simple as logging in, and specifying the topics you want to keep up to date or you want to learn from. Pick some suggestions according to your preferences, and that is pretty much it. You have set up your personal feed. You can have your feed delivered directly to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

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    August 5, 2014 at 9:14 am

    Realy nice post. thanks

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