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The Amazon 1Button App for Firefox – Get special offers and features right at your fingertips with The Amazon 1Button App. View price comparisons while shopping online, search Amazon and the Web at the same time, get a head-start on deals, and more.

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Flubaroo – is a site that claims to make grading easy, for tests, exams, and assignments. Flubaroo can help teachers grade online assignments, get reporting and analysis on student performance, email students their scores, and much more.

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Speek – makes conference calls easy. Choose a personalized free Speek link (i.e., for your conference calls. Share your Speek link by email, calendar invite, instant message, text message or any way you like. Your guests don’t have to be registered for Speek to join a call.

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Tweaking4All – Every now and then, you’d like to see if the video file that you have is the one with a particular resolution, or the one with subtitles embedded, or not. For this purpose Tweaking4All was created, which quickly scans a movie file for its details.

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Rad URLs – Have you ever wondered what the currently trending URLs are on Facebook and Twitter? Rad URLs provides such a list, updated every 15 minutes, along with thw number of shares on each network.

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  1. William B
    November 14, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    The radurls site is pretty interesting!

  2. Hanna Smith
    November 14, 2013 at 10:22 am

    On the topic of useful websites, I've been using Dropbox or Drive to backup my important receipts. However, a couple of days back, I came across a startup, Unioncy, that basically let's you sync your receipts folder with their service and they process the receipts to create 'Product cards' with all the information you need like warranty information, product recalls, manuals, etc. And they structure your receipt details into useful information. To me, services like, add a lot more value than Drive or Dropbox alone... Seems to work ok for now and data is portable...

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