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OrganizeOK – is a free online organizer for closed groups of participants’ event management. OrganizeOK saves your time helping to avoid you lots of calls or emails to invite everybody and to find out who would come. It’s convenient to use for repeating events. System can send preset email invitations with RSVP function, online participants’ registration and count for every repeating event.

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SculptGL – is a web sculpting application, powered by WebGL and JavaScript. It features dynamic and adaptive topological tools, as well as more classical sculpting tools, such as drag, brush or smooth. Make 3D models on your computer screen! At the moment, the best performance is on Google Chrome.

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Immersion – It has been almost two decades since the beginning of the web. This means that the web is no longer just a technology of the present, but also, a record of our past. Email, one of the original forms of social media, is even older than the web and contains a detailed description of our personal and professional history. Immersion is an invitation to dive into the history of your email life.

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EduPunks – is a sortable database of educational resources from the Edupunks’ Guide and around the web. If you are looking for either an online or offline education resource, this page has some excellent links to choose from, such as MetaFilter, TED, and Google Code University.

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BlinkLink – A “blinklink” is a URL which disappears after a certain number of views or retweets. It seems to be designed for images and videos only, so just upload your image or video, specify whether retweets can be included in the number of clicks allowed, and it will then generate a unique link for you, which will expire after 100 views. 10 more views can be gained by tweeting the link.

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  1. Constantin C
    September 18, 2013 at 6:23 am

    ScultpGL is quite fun. Could be better if it had more shapes than just sphere. primitives like cube, cilinder, cone, and so on.

    • alan
      September 18, 2013 at 11:36 am

      let it be

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