Cool Websites and Tools – Tracking Activities, Streaming Large Files, & Learning Algebra

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Human – Human is the easiest way to get and stay healthy. It helps you move 30 minutes or more, every day. Human tracks your outdoor activities like walking, running and biking automatically. Carry your phone in your bag or pocket, and go about your day. Automatically records your outdoor walking, running and biking. Tells you how much you’ve moved, and need to move. See all your individual activities including maps and details.

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Cloudup – Cloudup set out with one goal in mind: to make sharing anything – files, videos, links, music, documents, code, text, etc – simple and beautiful for both the sharer and the recipient. Drag, drop, and stream. Cloudup provides users with an easy-to-use, instantaneous solution for streaming files large and small without any of the business process, and for free. Now everyone can share streams of anything.

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Ezebee – is an online shopping marketplace, with a wide selection and creative products. Shoppers are provided with filter options that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Search by price, country, category and more. Shop unique items from various countries and talk to others in your native language with a variety of forums and groups.

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MnmlRdr – Have you been looking for a replacement to Google Reader for some time? Then try MnmlRdr. MnmlRdr’s primary design trait is to minimize distraction and make content easy for you to read. You can mark items as read or starred or to read later with a simple swipe. Expanded items can collapsed by pinching their content. Available for iOS, Android, & Windows Phone.

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The Fun Way To Learn Algebra – Algebra can be a tricky subject to master but with the help of Hands-On Equations 1 Lite, equations such as 4x+2=3x+9 become child’s play! In three easy lessons the young student obtains a feeling of success and a sense of mathematical power in solving sophisticated looking equations.

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