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Picword – is a free to use desktop application compatible with computers running Windows. The app comes in an installation package sized at nearly 5.5 MB. Once you install the application, you are able to lock and unlock your computer using a technique by modern smartphones – by clicking variously on an image of any kind you choose (the default image is a frog’s face on a plant).

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Schemes – is a useful app for Android that lets you schedule messages in advance and have them sent to people at a specified time. It lets you schedule messages via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. No more worrying about forgetting another birthday and feeling guilty afterwards. With Schemes, your messages will always get there on time, even if one minute before or after midnight.

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B1 Online Archiver – is an online application that helps computer users work with compressed archives in a very simple way. The function of the website is to let you upload your archives and get their contents without installing any archiving software on your computer. This technique not only keeps your system free of archive applications but it also keeps it safe from potential viruses that are in the archive.

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Wakelock Detector – if you ever wondered why your screen doesn’t turn off automatically when it should or find your phone battery drained even after you exited all the apps and turned off the screen, it is due to the wakelock feature.The wakelock feature is sometimes abused by some apps that stop your phone from turning off for much longer periods than necessary, which drains your battery dramatically. Check out Wakelock Detector. It is an Android app that lets you see which apps use the wakelock feature the most by checking wakelock usage history for each app.

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Nights Keeper – With this app, you can control every aspect of the way your phone works while you are sleeping. You can choose certain numbers that come through at night, you can adjust the volume so it’s always quieter, and so much more. The level of control it gives you is quite impressive. Each of the settings in the application can be adjusted so that it’s different on select days of the week.

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  1. Hardeep Bedi
    October 29, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Thanks for this information.

  2. Stephen Nutbrown
    September 13, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    B1 Online Archiver keeps your computer safe from viruses? Are you having a laugh? If you then download those files which is exactly why you uploaded your zip, rar or whatever file then open it, guess what.. you get that application running on your PC. You can unarchive files without opening them, it's exactly the same.

    I check makeuseof every day because I like most of the posts, but it really winds me up how many of them are actually just plain incorrect. Who are you hiring? Can you hire people who have at least a degree in Comp Sci please rather than people who just trawl the web and make posts which would look at home on the daily mail?

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