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My image DrugsDB – When a doctor prescribes you medicine, you should be aware of what side effects the prescribed drugs have. This information is extremely important and is often overlooked by patients. What you need is an easily accessible tool that lets you quickly check out the side effects of various medicinal drugs. Here to help you in that regard is a web service called DrugsDB. Read more: DrugsDB: Online Database Of Drugs & Their Side Effects
My image PageStickies – Many of us still place sticky notes on our computer screen or desk because it is the most effective way of remembering things. They are always ‘in your face’ and it’s hard to miss them. Well, PageStickies is a Chrome extension that lets you do the exact same thing with any webpage. Read more: PageStickies: Add Colorful Sticky Notes To Any Webpage [Chrome]
My image GIF Boom – GIFs can be a lot of fun but people usually avoid them as they take time and effort to create. GifBoom is an app that changes things by letting you create GIFs within seconds right on your smartphone. GifBoom allows you to quickly create an animated GIF from your phone camera. Read more: GIF Boom: Create Animated GIFs Quickly With Your [iPhone & Android]
My image [NO LONGER WORKS] The Whoot – is a social network that’s based on one simple agenda – helping you see who among your friends has plans for the night so that you could make your plans for the night accordingly. It connects with Facebook so all your Facebook friends will be a part of the list. Read more: The Whoot: See Your Friends’ Plans For The Night


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