Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]

muo   Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]


HTML5 Outliner – See a quick table of contents for any page on the web. HTML5 Outliner is a simple Chrome extension you can click anytime to see an outline for most pages. Using the document outlining algorithm in HTML5, this plugin gives you a quick outline for almost any page – even some that don’t use HTML5. Just click the icon in your address bar. Read more: HTML5 Outliner: A Quick Overview Of Any Webpage [Chrome]

   Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]


Retune – If you have your computer hooked up to a large screen or sound system, then you would surely appreciate a way to remotely control the media you are playing on the computer. You can sit back and relax, using a remote control to change songs or movies being played. Here to make this possible is a tool called Retune, a smartphone app for Android devices. Read more: Retune: Remotely Control Desktop iTunes Using Android Phone [Android 3.2+]


   Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]


Fast Image Research – Often you will come across online images that you need more information for. In some situations you want to find out what that particular image is all about, such as which celebrity a particular image is of. Other times, you are simply looking for similar images. Fortunately for Google Chrome users, these tasks can easily be completed by using Fast Image Research. Read more: Fast Image Research: Quickly Research An Image Online [Chrome]


   Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]


My Contacts Backup – Creating a backup of your phone contacts is very important. In case you lose your phone, you should at least be able to access the phone numbers you saved – especially phone numbers of people with whom you cannot get in touch in any other way. Here to help iPhone owners create quick backups of their contacts is an app called My Contacts Backup. Read more: My Contacts Backup: Quickly Create a Backup Of Your iPhone Contacts [iOS]


   Cool Websites and Tools [March 8th 2013]


Printmosaic – If you are looking for a quick tool to create quick mosaics, then you should check out Printmosaic. This one-stop tool lets you create mosaics from your Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox pictures. To start using Printmosaic, just choose any picture from your Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox account for your main image. Read more: Printmosaic: Create Mosaics From Facebook & Instagram Pictures


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Printmosaic is cool. Thanks for this share!


Thanks. Could you recommend a tool similar to “My Contacts Backup” for android?