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My image   ConvertICO – Creating custom icons for your folders and files is a wonderful way to customize your computer. But to create custom icons easily, you need a tool that can convert regular images into icon files. One user-friendly app that lets you do this is ConvertICO, a free to use web app that lets you convert your images into icon files. Read more: ConvertICO: Convert Images To Icons & Vice Versa
My image   EventZilla – This is a web service that helps event managers handle events online. The website lets you easily create an account and then set up an event page. While the website can support event management of any type, it is best suited for events that attendees pay for. Read more: EventZilla: Create & Manage Pay-For Events Online
My image   Ukritic – Things today are a lot pricier than they used to be. New products that are launched often come with a hefty price tag attached. Thus when it comes to buying anything new, you better be sure of the fact that you are buying the best item your budget allows. The best way to confirm this is by reading various user reviews available online. However not all user reviews are of good quality and often you cannot rely on their unbiasedness. Here to offer you a solution to this by providing you with quality product reviews is a website called Ukritic. Read more: Ukritic: Read & Share Reviews On A Variety Of Products
My image   Kanban2go – Creating to-do lists online gives you the convenience of accessing your to-do list from anywhere with an Internet connection. But if you want to share your task lists with others, you need an app that lets you share to-do lists – Kanban2go is precisely such an application. You can easily add tasks to do and then shift them. Read more: Kanban2go: Create A Portable To-Do Lists That Can Be Shared With Others


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