Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]

muo   Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]


aeGis – Losing your beloved smartphone is an incident that nobody would ever want to experience. Fortunately though, you can download some apps that can help you locate your missing phone, or even remotely wipe your device during the worst-case scenario, in order to protect the important data that is saved in it. aeGis is an Android app that lets you remotely control your phone by using text message commands. Read more: aeGis: Track & Control Your Lost Android Phone Remotely Via SMS [Android]

   Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]


Bubble My Page – Are you curious about how many times you have use a certain word on your webpage? If yes, then you can probably count that word and figure out the number but the task can be very difficult for all the words on the webpage. Here to help with this task is a website called Bubble My Page. Read more: Bubble My Page: Break Down Webpages Into Bubbles To Check Word Density


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]


Notable – Have you ever asked a friend to message a reminder to you on your phone? If you have, then you know that phone reminders are very effective and, in many cases, very essential. Here to help you set up phone reminders yourself is an app called Notable. The function of the application is to let you set up notification reminders on your smartphone. Read more: Notable: Set Up Notification Reminders [Android 2.2+]


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]


Dead Simple Screen Sharing – The act of sharing your screen usually involves installing a client, connecting to a server and inviting some people to join you. There are a few simpler solutions, such as using Google+ Hangouts, but luckily there’s now an even easier way of sharing your screen, and it’s an extension for Google’s Chrome browser. Read more: Dead Simple Screen Sharing for Chrome: Share Your Screen From Your Browser


   Cool Websites and Tools [June 28th 2013]


Silence for Android – Pretty much anyone who has ever owned a mobile phone has been embarrassed by an inappropriately timed phone call, message, and notifications from games, apps and social services. Android users can sit back and relax a bit once they have discovered Silence, an app that allows for periods of silence to be scheduled. Read more: Silence for Android: Toggle Sound & System Settings Over Set Intervals


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As a better alternative to aeGis I have found Avast, not only do you get the controls that aeGis provides but you get control from Avasts’ website as well as anti-virus software. You can download it from Google play store.

David Moreira

Nice collection, thanks!

Yaz C

Aegis does sound great. But after reading Wolfie’s0827’s post, I say, I do agree with him. Avast is a lot better.