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My image   Pinvolve – If you are a regular user of Pinterest and Facebook, sharing content on both networks can be annoying and time consuming. Thanks to Pinvolve, you can now convert your Facebook page into a Pinterest pinboard. What Pinvolve does is that it adds the famous “Pin It” button to your Facebook fan page. Read more: Pinvolve: Add Pin It Button To Facebook Pages
My image   SoSlang – Have you heard a slang word and wondered what its meaning was? Thanks to the Internet, you can easily look up the meanings of countless slang words. One resource that can be used for this purpose is SoSlang, a free to use web service that lets you look up the meanings of slang terms. The site covers over six million definitions of slang terms. Read more: SoSlang: A Dictionary Of Slang Maintained By Its Readers
My image   WikiSpaces – Students cannot always be around their teachers; this means that assignment submissions and addressing questions can become a difficult matter. One very effective solution to this is online interaction. Here to help people, particularly teachers and students, interact online is a web service called WikiSpaces. Read more: WikiSpaces For Teachers & Students: A Useful Online Platform For Teachers & Students To Interact
My image   Animation Desk – If you have a creative side, you might find yourself often doodling on a piece of paper. But if you have an iOS device, you can put that creativity to proper use by making wonderful hand-drawn animations, all thanks to an app called Animation Desk, that lets you create appealing animations with your fingers. Read more: Animation Desk: Use Your iOS Device To Create Hand-Drawn Animations


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