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'extra' post Check out some of the latest makeuseof discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For even more app reviews subscribe to makeuseof directory. Want to submit your application to MakeUseOf directory ? See how here.

(1) AsButtonGen – Easily generate stylish navigation menu buttons for websites. Comes with lots of options when it comes to styling the buttons. Read more: AsButtonGen – Online Button Generator.

(2) AuctionBloopers – It is widely known that misspelled eBay auctions are generally sold for consderably lower price because they don’t show up in site search results. This is especially true for designer brands i.e Versage, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton etc. AuctionBloopers is the typo finder that helps you locate these mispelled items. Read more: AuctionBloopers – Search Misspelled Listings on eBay.

(3) [NO LONGER WORKS] FavTape – Listen to songs in your and Pandora favorites lists from any web enabled computer. Apart from songs in your Pandora and accounts you can alos view and play songs from iTunes Top 100 chart.

(4) Listen And Write – Online audio dictation service. Simply select a recording from provided audio library and click play. The app will then start to dictate the text so that you can type it in. Read more: ListenAndWrite – Online Audio Dictation.

(5) MyTextFile – Simple text editor to write and store your text notes and documents online. Some of the features include ability to switch to full screen mode, change background and text colors, auto-saving and document versioning. Read more: MyTextFile – Minimalist Online Text Editor.

(6) Norton SafeWeb – SafeWeb is a new service from Symantec where you can check any website for viruses, spyware and all other craplets and see whether it can harm your computer. Read more: Norton SafeWeb – Is This Website Safe?

(7) [NO LONGER WORKS] Spreed – Online feed aggregator with an integrated speed reading tool. With Spreed you can read stories faster by pushing them through a Spreed speed-reading player that shows you only two or three words at a time.

(8) StreamFile – File transfer website that lets you transfer upto 2 GB files nearly 90% faster than traditional FTP server-to-client services. Read more: StreamFile – Fast and Secure Large File Transfer.

(9) [NO LONGER WORKS] Vanishd – Nifty little tool that allows you to hide your web surfing from prying eyes of co-workers, bosses and friends. It lets you hide one page behind the other and gives you small window to watch through.

(10) World Freedom Atlas – Online geovisualization map for people who wish to know more about freedom, democracy, human rights and governments around the world. Using this interactive map you can quickly get information about political and ecomnomic situation in any country in the world. Read more …

These are just half of the applications that were added to our directory in the last 3-4 days. To keep up-to-date on all directory additions subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory here.To subscribe via email click here.

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