Cool Websites and Tools (edition #121)

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'extra' post Check out some of the latest makeuseof discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For even more app reviews subscribe to makeuseof directory.

(1) [NO LONGER WORKS] 4info – Ultimate all-purpose assisstant for your mobile phone. Want weather reports, stock quotes, flight status, package status, nearby WiFi hotspots, “¦? It has it all. Read more: 4info – Free Alerts and SMS Search for your Phone.

(2) [NO LONGER WORKS] 8aweek – Handy Firefox toolbar that helps you control the amount of time spent on “time-killer” websites. Read more: 8aweek – Control your Browsing Habits and Distractions.

(3) DailyMugshot – Capture your daily look and share it with others. The idea behing the service is to provide people with a quick and simple way to track their photographic evolution. Definitely check it out. Read more: DailyMugshot – One Picture Everyday.

(4) [NO LONGER WORKS] FreeScreenCast – FreeScreenCast makes screencasting (screen recording) simple from the beginning to the end: Install screencast recorder, select part of the screen you want to record, record it, upload ready screencast, and share it with others. Read more: FreeScreenCast – Easy Screencast Creator.

(5) Glinkr – Glinkr lets you create visual mind maps using simple text boxes and arrows. Ready maps can be stored and edited online, shared with others and easily published on any other blog or website. Read more: Glinkr – Create and Share Visual Maps.

(6) [NO LONGER WORKS] KillDeadPixel – Quick and simple solution to fix dead screen pixels. There is nothing to install or download. All you have to do is drag the provided graphic onto a dead pixel and leave it there for about an hour. Read more: KillDeadPixel – Fix Dead Pixels on your Screen.

(7) [NO LONGER WORKS] LinkBlip – Have you ever forwarded someone a link and wanted to know if the recipeint actually opened it? Enter LinkBlip, an easy-to-use online service that lets you generate trackable links which can be used in the emails. Read more: LinkBlip – Get Notified When People Click on Links in your Emails.

(8) PDFMeNot – Everything you need for viewing PDF documents online. On the one hand it’s a PDF viewer that can be used to view both online and locally stored PDF documents. On the other hand, it’s a browser bookmarket that can be used to open PDF links directly in PDFMeNot viewer. Read more: PDFMeNot – View PDFs Online as Easy as on the Desktop.

(9) RosterBot – Easy event manager for sport teams. Whether it’s a Basketball, Football, Soccer or even a Poker team, RosterBot can make event planning a lot easier. Read more: RosterBot – Fast and Easy Sport Team Manager.

(10) [NO LONGER WORKS] Spam Proof Email Generator – Spam Proof Email Generator offers a simple fix that will esnure that your email address stays secure from spam bots. Read more …

NOTE: These are just half of the applications that were added to our Directory in the last 3-4 days. To keep up-to-date on all directory additions subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory here. Want latest reviews in your email ? Subscribe via email.

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