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Stylify Me – is a site where you can enter a URL, and have that site’s elements, such as the fonts, the colors, and the image dimensions, broken down for you. It will list the exact HEX codes for each color, as well as specify which font the site is using. You can also download a PDF file with this information for later viewing.

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Do Not Link – When you link to a website, this strengthens its position in search engines. This means that a bad review of a website makes it more popular. When you are discussing or alerting others to a website that promotes a fraud or scam, and you link to that site, search engines will improve the offending site’s rank. With Do Not Link, you can link to sites without giving them “Google juice”.

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Word Off – strips and cleans the rubbish that is pasted into WYSIWYG editors from Microsoft Word. It removes style elements and attributes, unnecessary elements like s, s and

s, empty elements, dead whitespace, and other bits of code that will break your HTML page. Just paste in the text and press the button to get a clean version.

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PineMango – is your desktop in the Cloud. Access it from anywhere, anytime. Use Pinemango desktops simultaneously with others to share desktop activities. No installation or download required. Upgrade add-on features include always-on desktop, secured access, viewer access control or high-performance desktops. Comes with apps such as Chrome and Opera.

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Curiator – is a community where art enthusiasts and professionals come together to build their digital art collection with the art they love. Follow each other’s collections as well as your favourite artists and tap into an ever-expanding catalog of the world’s greatest art.

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  1. David M
    September 22, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Gonna try PineMango, thank you!

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