Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]

muo   Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]


[NO LONGER WORKS] Hot Mouse Flower – Computer users prefer to stick with using the keyboard or the mouse – nobody is a fan of breaking one’s rhythm and switching from the mouse to the keyboard or vice versa. For Mac users who would like to maximize the use of their mouse, there comes a useful virtual keyboard called Hot Mouse Flower. Read more: Hot Mouse Flower: Get a Flower Shaped Virtual Keyboard [Mac]

   Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]


AnyList Grocery – People often find themselves in the grocery store, calling their spouse to enquire if there is anything else they have to buy. The call would not be necessary if both people could make a shareable grocery list. This is precisely what a phone app called AnyList Grocery offers. You can use the app to easily create a grocery list. Read more: AnyList Grocery: Create Shareable Grocery Lists [iOS]


   Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]


Hyper Desktop – is a Windows program designed to quickly take screenshots and share them with the Internet. It’s designed to be useful at times when you want to share something quickly and anonymously. For instance, if you’re trying to explain how a program is buggy and need to show tech support what your screen looks like. Read more: Hyper Desktop: Get Screenshots Online In No Time [Windows]


   Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]


LikeaLyzer – Since Facebook is the most popular social network on the Internet, it is an incredibly important tool for marketing a product or brand. There is no better way to get your product in front of Internet users. Making your page do well is a challenge, and it’s one many businesses face. Thankfully, LikeALyzer is there to analyze your page. Read more: LikeaLyzer: Analyze Your Facebook & Get Tips For Improvement


   Cool Websites and Tools [December 25th 2012]


Decryptlinks – Shortened links have become a standard in our social media use. We like them because they are easy to create, share, and promote. However, it can also be a tool for hackers and fraudsters who use these short URLs to hide malware or dodgy webpages. Fortunately, we have Decryptlinks which lets you securely scan shortened URLs and preview its contents. Read more: Decryptlinks: Preview Shortened URLs Before Clicking On Them


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Nohl Lyons

The opposite of Hot Mouse Flower is ShortCat <= it's all keyboard all the time.

Aibek Esengulov

thanks, will check it out

Douglas Mutay

Thank you very much for the fb analyser. The recommendation they provided after analysing my fb page will help me a lot.


Some pretty interesting sites here … will have to check them out. Thanks!

Avish Kansakar

Well if you are using chrome you can simply use viewthru app which does the same thing as decryptlinks


LikeaLyzer – now I know what to do.


About “Decryptlinks”:

In Mozilla Firefox there is “Element Properties” Add-On that by right clicking a link reveals you the real page that’s beside an apparent link!

Aibek Esengulov

thanks for heads up