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Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

My image   Voicee – People will often call up somebody on the phone to quickly communicate something. Sometimes however, the conversation ends up being longer than expected and you regret unnecessarily spending all of that extra time on the phone. A way to prevent those phone conversations comes in the form of a phone app called Voicee.

My image   Rocket Downloader – There are numerous websites that let you stream audio and video online. While online streaming definitely has its advantages, it is directly dependent upon internet connectivity. This is why people look for ways to download the media that they stream. For computer users, various tools exist that help them accomplish this task. Smartphone owners, however, do not have a convenient method of capturing they stream. This problem is solved for iOS smart device owners by a useful tool called Rocket Downloader. Read more: Rocket Downloader: A Media Grabber & Download Manager For Your iOS Device (Free Promocodes)
My image   Livememe – The last couple of years has been marked by the explosion of the meme culture. While memes are considered juvenile to some, they are also a way to express what Internet users have been thinking all along. With a site like Livememe, we now have a tool to create, curate, and search for memes. Read more: Livememe: Create & Discover Memes
My image   Presentation Tube – Presentations are made to be shared with others. You might already have a presentation creation tool installed on your computer; but if you are looking for something that lets you not only create presentations but also to share them online, you should check out a tool called Presentation Tube. Read more: Presentation Tube: Create & Share Visually Appealing Presentations Online
My image   SwatchMatic – Replicating real life colors is not an easy task. If you have seen a color somewhere and want to use it in one of your online designs, you will have to go through quite a bit of trial and error before you reach success. Fortunately for Android device owners, a much simpler solution exists in the form of SwatchMatic. SwatchMatic’s function is to break down a picture into its color palette. Read more: SwatchMatic: Detect & Reuse Colors Through Your Android Phone’s Camera


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