Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]

muo   Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

   Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]


DyingLinks – is the ideal way to create semi-permanent short links to URLs. It’s a very straightforward service with no login which allows you to set up redirection links which expire according to a set of pre-defined rules. You can set up links which will not work until a future date, which expire after a certain number of hours or at an exact time. Read more: DyingLinks: Create Short Links Which Expire With Rules

   Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]


[NO LONGER WORKS] iTunification – If you want to control songs playing in your iTunes from the menu bar, check out iTunification. It is a useful app that adds Notification Center support for iTunes and Spotify. So when a song is playing from iTunes or Spotify, you will get the track name, artist and album names in the Notification Center. Read more: iTunification: Get Notifications From iTunes & Spotify In Notification Center


   Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]


Genius Scan – When you want to share a physical document through your phone, most people simply take a picture and then email the image to the recipient. However this method does detect the page frame and usually results in unclear images because of the perspective. Here to help in this matter is a phone app called Genius Scan. Read more: Genius Scan: Scan Images Through Your iOS Device & Email as JPEG and PDF Files


   Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]


Clover 2 – While browsing the web most people are used to multi-tab browsing. While common when using browsers, this feature would be really useful when using the Windows folder system. Now, thanks a to a handy explorer add-on called Clover 2 you can have tabbed browsing within Windows explorer. It is a freeware utility that adds a Chrome-like multi tab on top of Windows Explorer. Read more: Clover 2: Add Chrome-Like Tabs To Windows Explorer


   Cool Websites and Tools [December 17th 2012]


DbNinja – Webmasters and network administrators often have to remotely monitor operations. Amongst other things, this means that they need to remotely access their databases. If you are looking for a tool that helps you do this, you should check out something called DbNinja, a tiny browser-based application that assists in MySQL database management. Read more: DbNinja: Manage Databases & Easily Access Your Hosted Servers Remotely


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salim benhouhou

i really like Clover 2 . good as always Aibek .


Why don’t people just stop creating url shorteners…They just keep thinking that their service is better than the better ones like and……

Raman Bathina

I like dying links,i heard about self destructing messages but this will be new to me.Thanks aibek

Mac Witty

Dying links will be in my workbox! No need to move around documents anylonger