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Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. Most of the listed websites are FREE or come with a decent free account option. If you want to have similar cool website round-ups delivered to your daily email, subscribe here.

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apMemo – One of the tasks usually performed on a smartphone is note taking. However some people find it very inconvenient to type up text. Here to help you by letting you take notes in a better and more convenient way is apMemo. Read more: apMemo: Quickly Record Notes On Your Android by Drawing or Typing

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Desktop iCalendar Lite – If you need your calendar to offer a high level of simplicity, while still maintaining all of the important features such as events, to-do lists, and reminders, you should give Desk iCalendar a try. It comes with all the features you could need from a calendar, and it sits right on your desktop in a tiny package, so it’s there when you need it. Read more: Desktop iCalendar Lite: A Slick Calendar App That Syncs With Google Tasks [Windows]


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Image Dictionary – Many computer users search Google for images of a certain word or object. But you normally have to open a new browser tab to look for images. If you are looking for a way to find images in a more convenient way, check out Image Dictionary. Read more: Image Dictionary: Highlight Words in Chrome & Find Relevant Images Without Page Redirection


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Image Viewer – Sites do not adhere to a singular format or resolution for images. So if you want to view all of a website’s images, that translates into a lot of clicking, resizing, magnifying, and restoring, But for users of Google Chrome, there exists a solution called Image Viewer. Read more: Image Viewer: Replace The Viewer While Opening An Image In Chrome


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Notifus – Keeping a mental track of emails is simply not possible for nearly all people. This can be a significant problem when the email response is important. Here to offer Gmail users a solution is Notifus. Read more: Notifus: Set Reminders For Sent Emails That Haven’t Been Answered


These are just half of the websites that we discovered in the last couple of days. If you want us to send you daily round-ups of all cool websites we come across, leave your email here. Or follow us via RSS feed.

  1. Xeon Shu
    April 27, 2013 at 11:01 am

    There is something wrong with the preview picture of the "picture viewer".Something very wrong...please fix it.

    • Saikat Basu
      April 28, 2013 at 1:23 pm

      Thanks, we will change it.

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