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Azendoo – regroups all your cloud tool in one simple interface. Use and mix your favorite apps to share knowledge with your team. Your team can share information easily, work efficiently and communicate in real time. Say goodbye to paper to-do lists and manage your projects intuitively. Transform your emails into actions, and reduce email overload.

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Picadilo – Discover the full potential of the most advanced online photo editor! Easy to use and free – enhance, edit and transform your photographs using the coolest effects and tools available anywhere. Picadilo’s array of editing tools consists of many different and unique instruments to help you in obtaining the exact results you want: brushes, selections, effects and anything else.

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Opinion Stage – Survey your site’s visitors using their social network identities. You have the full flexibility to determine whether a social profile is mandatory, optional or is not required at all for voting. After voting users share their votes in the social networks they belong to, exposing your content in these networks and driving new traffic to your site.

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Keepy – Kids make awesome stuff. Keepy lets you organize, enhance, share, admire and preserve that awesome stuff forever in an interactive keepsake box. Take a photo of your kids’ drawings, report cards, lego creations, awards, birthday cards, ticket stubs, face paintings or anything else offline that you want to KEEP online. Tweak the lighting, colors and the crop of your photos with our easy tools.

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Great Language Game – There are perhaps six or seven thousand languages in the world. Even so-called hyperpolyglots, people who learn to speak six or more fluently, barely scratch the surface. The Great Language Game challenges you to distinguish between some sixty or so languages based on their sound alone. If you’re feeling competitive, share your score with some friends and compete for some serious bragging rights.

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  1. Chris M
    September 10, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Every time I try to tweet from this page (cool websites of the day) I have to edit the tweet. they always have too many letters. This one has one extra.

  2. Akshat K
    September 8, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    lol. i loved the language game. good one :D

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