Cool Websites and Tips (makeuseof extra #76)

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Cool Websites and Software: (All FREE unless stated otherwise)

  • BigString – email program that puts you in control of your email messages even after you send them. Make your emails self-destructable, non-printable, non-savable, non-forwardable and more.
  • DMSI (Win) – highly customizable utility to convert and resize your pictures, videos or audio files (complete conversion possibilities at the end), directly in an Explorer Window.
  • Fichey – interesting startpage-like service that lets you browse through popular stories on Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit in a very cool way.
  • [NO LONGER WORKS] FLVix – online video converter and downloader for YouTube, GoogleVideo or any other flash video host. Convert videos to AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP and MP3 formats.
  • FakeNameGenerator – fun tool for quickly generating fake but convincing names along with bogus address.
  • Jing (Win, Mac) – handy program that lets you quickly capture a picture or record a screencast of anything on your desktop and instantly share it with others. Fast and convenient. Check out video demo tour.
  • Jjot – well-implemented and extremely easy-to-use online note-keeping and scrapbook application. If you’re looking for a cool tool to keep notes and stickies definitely check it out.
  • Phonevite – excellent event planning service that can be used directly from your phone. Simply record your message/invitation (from Phone or PC ) and Phonevite will instantly deliver it to phone numbers of all your contacts. All recipients have an option to reply without being charged.
  • Siphs – browser addon (Firefox, IE) that lets you quickly store and share your favorite links with friend/s. Video demo.

Cool Articles and Tips:

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Wow very cool list of links you have going. I think I will start using fichey!

Try my site sometime, there is enough content there to keep you busy for months!


here from BlogTopSites.
It’s really a good blog, thanks :)


Enjoy !

p.s. (@Xevor) I am about to try some of your games ;-). Time to get busy.


woohoo, lemme know if you put put link back in another blog post and I will add your site to my links as well