Cool Websites and Tips (makeuseof extra #75)

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Before I get into our next extra there are couple of things I would like to announce. Firstly, I wanted to tell you that I have added a donate button to the website so if you feel like helping me out covering makeuseof running costs and the occasional pizza, here is your chance.

And secondly, just a quick note regarding posting frequency. Some of you have asked me to increase posting up-to 1 post per day. Sounds great, and I am positive that we’ll be there in the near future. It’s just currently I am working on one new feature for makeuseof and it takes some time. I am keeping it secret for the moment but one thing that I can tell you is that it’s totally worth it and will make several times better.

Cool Websites and Software: (All FREE unless stated otherwise)

  • Brusheezy – ” … place for artists to download and vote for the best custom photoshop brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet!”
  • DougScripts (Mac only) – collection of free user-contributed AppleScripts for Apple’s iTunes to make maintaining your music collection easier
  • Geolocator – free tool that lets you lookup approx. address based on the phone number (US and Canada only)
  • [NO LONGER WORKS] ImproveYourImages – free online tool to quickly auto-improve any uploaded image. Automatically restores original images colors, corrects color temperature and adjusts poor lighting (JPEG only).
  • JustUpIt – no sign-up required free file sharing service. Max. file size: 120 MB
  • PeekYou – yet another people/profile search engine. Currently indexes over 50 mil. profiles.
  • ScienceHack – directory/search-engine for scientific videos. Features all sorts of scientific videos ranging from how things made to how to solve quadratic equations.
  • Screensaver – awesome screen saver.
  • Secunia PSI (Win) – Windows utility that auto-detects installed software on your PC and ensures that it’s secure and updated on a timely manner. (Keeps track and advises on more than 4,200 applications)
  • WorldClock – fun visualizer that shows real-time (live) growth figures for world population, births, deaths, deforestation, and more.

Cool Articles and Tips:

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