Cool Websites and Tips (makeuseof extra #68)

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Cool Software and Websites: (All free unless stated otherwise)

  • DesktopNexus – huge gallery of free desktop wallpapers.
  • eBookSearchr | JustFreeBooks – two comprehensive ebook search engines.
  • Panjea – create and share your own broadcast channel featuring your fav. web videos in customized video player.
  • Perian (Mac OSX) – handy Quicktime addon that integrates support for many popular video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG4 , DivX, subtitle support (SSA, SRT) and lots more.
  • Stopwatch – online stopwatch and count-down timer. Also available as a widget (Mac Dashboard, Vista Sidebar) or a stand-alone program.
  • TXTdrop – send free Mobile text messages to anywhere in US or Canada. Extras: get it as widget (Mac, Win), add it to your blog or Myspace profile.
  • Voki – free service for creating customized talking avatars that can be added to your blog or web-profile. More features to come.
  • – fun website where you can ask users whatever YES/NO style questions you have, stir discussions and get dozens of quick replies within the first hour.
  • YotubeRemixer – easy-to-use video editing tool from Youtube. Let’s you keep an original file and assemble a new video in a drag’n drop timeline. Mix videos, add photos, background music, graphic effects, transitions, etc.
  • World’s biggest mouse cursor.

Cool Articles and Tips

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hey there,

thanks for the cool ebook searching sites. I have tested both and it looks like eBook Searchr has gotten better results for me while I was looking for non-public-domain books (a.k.a. warez). justfreebooks finds a lot on public domain works. Both provide a search plugin which you can add to your browser. Finally, I like the categorization of eBook Searchr a little better, because you can filter there between warez and public domain content.

but both are great for finding free* ebooks on the internet, thanks for pointing that out!



Nice post. The ebook search sites are awesome.



Thanks lots for quick feature comparison. Short and right to the point. MUO style. ;-)


hippo: You are right. JustFreeBooks is focused only in sites that contain public domain books or books whose authors have authorized free distribution (through a Creative Commons license, a GNU Free Documentation License or other method).


I’m loving Desktop Nexus, thanks!


@Aibek: thanks, but I don’t understand what’s the “MUO” style…?? :)

Gopinath Munisifreddy

Cool links

Gopinath M
Tech Thoughts



:-) MUO = MakeUseOf
Basically, I meant MakeUseOf style.


@Aibek: well, that was easy… :)