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'extra' post Check out some of the latest makeuseof discoveries.
All listed websites are FREE (or come with decent free account option).

1. Airmp3 – free MP3 search engine that allows you to search MP3s on 3 popular MP3 sources simultaneously. .

2. [NO LONGER WORKS] Best4c – free web-based mindmapping tool that lets you create, store, edit and share diagrams online.

3. Conduit – excellent service that lets anyone create a fully customizable browser toolbar for any website/blog and share it with others. Read more.

4. CrossLoop – free and secure remote screen-sharing tool for your desktop. More details + Video demos.

5. [NO LONGER WORKS] LazyLibrary – interesting book search engine that lets you search for popular and at the same time concise books on any subject (productivity, business, etc.).

6. MrUptime -an extension for your Firefox browser that comes in handy when you come across a website that’s experiencing down time. MrUptime allows you to quickly add such websites to the watchlist and will alert you as soon as the website is back online. Video demo.

7. Plusmo – feature-rich RSS reader (startpage) for your mobile phone which automatically downloads content in advance.

8. PriceAmbush – conveniently monitor price drops for your favorite products. Read more.

9. ScribLink – web-based drawing sketchpad with real-time collaboration features. More details + screenshots.

10. Sizeasy – handy online tool that lets you visualize and compare something you already own to the the item you’re planning to buy. More details + screenshots.

NOTE: These are just half of the applications we have added to our directory in the last 2 days. To keep up-to-date on all directory additions subscribe toMakeUseOf directory feed.

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