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Are you looking for a tool that will you make more sense of all the information available on the Internet? The fact is, there is lots of information out there, and some of it is not structured in a way that is easy to take in and make use of. That is where the plugin called ConvExtra can be a real life saver. It takes all the complicated guess work out of parsing data from HTML and makes it so easy anyone can do it.

extract data from a website

Using the plugin is as simple as dragging the icon to your bookmark bar in your browser. From there, you can simply click it on any open website, and it will parse the data and present it in a more usable format. Even on sites where data is organized in an intelligent way, like a shopping website, ConvExtra can help making finding the specific things you are looking for even easier.


To really make use of the service offers, you are going to want to create a free account. This allows you to save the data you have parsed, so you can come back to it later. This comes in handy for saving information from shopping sites to come back to and get price comparisons. You can even set it up so it alerts you to changes in the data, so you can track price changes and other adjustments.


  • Parse data from almost any website to make it more readable.
  • Save parsed pages to your account so you can access them again later.
  • Easy to use with just a simple bookmark bar plugin.
  • Get alerts to changes in data.

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