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The coolest unit converter calculator around. ConvertWorld lets you convert pretty much anything starting from basics like currency (US, EUR, CAD, etc.), weight units (KGs to LBs), and length (KM to Miles) to time zone claculator, data storage units and shoe size converter. There are nearly 40 conversion calculators here (see the full list below). Make sure to bookmark it because sooner or later you’ll need it.

Unit Converter Calculator

Things you can convert on ConvertWorld:

    * Acceleration
    * Angle
    * Area
    * Bandwidth
    * Capacitance
    * Currency
    * Data storage
    * Density
    * Dynamic viscosity
    * Electric charge
    * Electric current
    * Electric potential
    * Electrical conductance
    * Electrical resistance
    * Energy
    * Force
    * Frequency
    * Fuel consumption
    * Illuminance
    * Inductance
    * Kinematic viscosity
    * Length
    * Luminance
    * Magnetic field strength
    * Magnetic field
    * Magnetic flux
    * Numerals
    * Power
    * Pressure
    * Radioactivity
    * Shoe size
    * Speed
    * Temperature
    * Time zones
    * Time
    * Torque
    * Volumetric flow rate
    * Volume
    * Weight

The ConvertWorld website is available in 28 different langauges. So if English is not your native language you can switch the interface to something else.

Check out ConvertWorld @

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