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You’re sick of trying to make sure you don’t accidentally post personal updates to all your Facebook followers. It’s time for a Facebook Page.

Not only do Pages have great badges for your website, they also give you insights into your followers. And that’s just the start – there are lots of good reasons to migrate to a page. For instance, if your business is growing and you want your marketing co-ordinator to take over your social media management.

If you’ve had a semi-public Facebook profile for a while now, and you’re thinking about turning it into a page, you may be wondering what will happen. Let’s go through the important changes that take place when you migrate.

Why Migrate To A Facebook Page?

Some people start out promoting their small business The Facebook Marketing Guide The Facebook Marketing Guide Anyone trying to market a business knows that they need to “get a Facebook presence” because “Facebook is huge”. That’s great, but how do you get started? Read More or consultancy by using their own Facebook profile. While it’s perfectly possible to have Facebook followers The Ins And Outs Of Followers & Following [Weekly Facebook Tips] The Ins And Outs Of Followers & Following [Weekly Facebook Tips] If you're not Facebook friends with a person, how can they see your updates on their home page? If someone is following you, how can you stop them? What is this following thing anyway? Facebook... Read More these days, it can lead to embarrassing moments (or you don’t set the post privacy settings correctly. It can also be a headache to manage on your own, and you don’t get the marketing insights about your following that Facebook Pages do. And on Facebook, the pages people like are promoted heavily to their friends, whereas the people they follow are not.

Facebook Pages can also be included in Interest Lists, and can be “Liked” by other pages. So, if you work with other businesses you can help to promote each other with a simple like. Facebook Profiles are limited to 5000 friends (followers aren’t limited), so you may need to swap to a Page if you’ve hit the limit. Also, if you’re promoting a business with your personal Facebook profile, you could risk having your account deleted.

There are lots of reasons to change.


What Happens When You Convert A Profile?

Here are the essential points to note about a Profile-To-Page conversion:

  • All of your friends and followers will be migrated to fans of your new Facebook page.
  • Your username will become the username for your page (so all your links to your profile will point to the new Facebook Page).
  • Your name will become the Page’s name.
  • Your profile picture will become your page’s picture.
  • Your new page won’t show up in your follower’s interest lists.
  • You won’t be able to see personal messages from your old profile.
  • The updates and photos from your profile will not transfer to the page.
  • You will no longer be in any of the groups you’ve joined.

If you don’t want any of these points to happen, perhaps just create a new page and tell your followers about it. Better safe than sorry!

Steps To Take Before Converting To A Page

Before you convert your profile, be sure to follow these steps:


If you have made a huge mistake in converting, the process can be reversed manually by Facebook. However, as it’s against the TOS to use a personal page for a business, they won’t reverse any Pages that look to be promoting a business. Be warned!

If you already have a Facebook Page as well as your profile that you’re migrating, you can then merge them together, as long as you are an admin of both pages and they are clearly for the same business. This means the names and addresses need to match. It will merge the Page with fewer likes into the Page with more likes, and photos and usernames will be lost in the process. Make sure you prepare for this!

Should You Convert Your Profile To A Page?

If your personal profile is not too business-like, it may be worth your while to keep your personal profile, create a new page and hope your fans eventually follow the new page. This is a process that will lose a lot of personal information. However, if you have used a personal profile for something that is clearly a business, you need to migrate before Facebook shuts down your account.

Have you migrated a Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page? What was the process like for you?

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