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Units of measurement vary from one part of the globe to another. Similarly representations of numbers also differs – while the dot is usually used to represent a decimal point, Greece and many other countries use a comma to represent the decimal. To help convert a site’s units and number representations into your preferred choices, check out a handy browser based Measurments and currency Converter for Firefox .

currency converter firefox

Converter is a Firefox add-on. Its options are displayed in the image above; it lets you convert length, time, speed, temperature, and currency units. All of these are extremely helpful on any site that involves units other than your preferred ones. All you have to do is highlight the measurement along with its units and right-click; the converted figure will be displayed in the resulting menu as in the image below.

converter in firefox

The options also let you select the default decimal indicator: dot or comma.


With your defaults set, you can right click on any webpage and use the add-on’s feature to convert all units and figures displayed into your preferred choices.

A simple add-on with great utility, Converter will be appreciated by all Firefox users particularly the ones who shop from international online retailers and require quick currency conversions.


  • A user friendly converter in firefox.
  • Lets you convert units quickly.
  • Lets you convert representation of numbers.
  • You can individually convert figures or convert the entire webpage.

Check out  Converter @

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  1. kitsaros
    December 18, 2010 at 4:48 am

    Great tool i always use "Converter" on firefox but when i want to do two different currencies conversions at once since cannot be done with the free Converter version i use conversioncenter .